Agitation Plan for Revival Old Pension Scheme and other Demands

30th December 2016 at Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh

AIPTF called for a meeting of its Executive Committee and General Council at Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh on 30th December 2016. In this meeting, it was decided to protest against the following decisions of the Government throughout the country along with State Employees Association(s), postal union, railways’ employees union and other teachers and like-minded unions in different states.

The AIPTF has been fighting and raising the following demands since 2004 on many occasions and with different stakeholders from time to time but there is no response and government is very reluctant to consider them.

Our demands are very specific and clear:
• New Pension Scheme should be stopped for teachers and other state employees with immediate effect and revive the old pension scheme.
• Anomalies of the Six Central Pay Commission should be removed and necessary amendments should be made in the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission’s recommendations.
• Implementing the recommendations of the Seventh Central Pay Commission in all the states of India with effect from 1st January 2016 for all the categories of the teachers including para teachers should be given “Equal Pay for Equal Work” as per the directives of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India.
• Setting up a “National Commission for Elementary Education” to deal with the problems and issues related to education and teachers.

To chalk out a clear blue print for the nation-wide agitation, an “Action Committee” was constituted with the following members:

1. Sh. Mahendra Prasad Shahi (Bihar), Dy. Secretary General, AIPTF
2. Smt. SulbhaDonde (Maharashtra) Sr. Vice-President, AIPTF
3. Dr. Ram Chandra Dabas (Delhi), Sr. Vice-President, AIPTF
4. Sh. N. Rengarajan (Tamil Nadu) Dy. Secretary General, AIPTF
5. Sh. Jibon Borah (Assam) Organising Secretary, AIPTF
6. Sh. Sanjay Mishra (Uttar Pradesh), Organising Secretary, AIPTF
7. Sh. VinodThakran (Haryana), President, RPSH, Haryana
8. Sh. JitendraShahi (Uttar Pradesh) President, Para Teachers’ Association

All the members of the Action Committee met on 30th January 2017 at Shikshak Bhavan, New Delhi at 11.00 AM to discuss and finalise the plan of Action from the block level to national level agitation.

Agitation Plan Poster (Hindi and English)

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